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Autumn Term 1: Through the Ages

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Through the Ages Launch Event

After looking at a timeline of the stone age and discussing the chronology of the era, our class took part in some exciting stone age themed activities.  We created woolly mammoths using milk bottles and collage techniques, we constructed Stonehenge structures out of biscuits and, after looking at some stone age cave art, we went into our caves (under our desks!) to create our own!
We looked at examples of prehistoric pots, learned about the methods and tools that were used by stone age people to make them and then created our own out of clay.  They are called pinch pots because we start by making a hole in the clay with our thumb and then pinch around the edge to make the pot shape.  We designed our own decorations in our sketch books and then put them onto our pots using sticks we collected from outside and our own fingernails.  We are so creative!

Awesome Home Learning!

Stone Age-themed music


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We loved our introduction to musical notation this afternoon. We looked at the difference between beat and rhythm and then created our own rhythms using a stone age theme. Well done, Year 4!

Stonehenge posters

We have been looking at non-chronological reports in English and have created these amazing posters about Stonehenge. We tried to really carefully include the features of reports like sections of writing with subheadings, captions with pictures and detailed informative writing. Wonderful work, Year 4!

Cinquain Poetry

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This week, we have been writing cinquain poetry about iron age jobs. They have had to think carefully about writing a poem with 5 lines, selecting words with a set number of syllables and from the right word class. They have done a superb job!

Today, as well as writing and editing their poems, they have been working on reading aloud their writing with appropriate intonation and volume.

Cinquain poetry

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Stone Age to Iron Age workshop

We've had an amazing day with a visit from a Stone Age man from Past Productions who came to deliver a Stone Age to Iron Age workshop.


We used our wonderful learning from this term to help us examine artefacts, to create stone age arrowheads using salt dough and create dramatic interpretations of various important features of Stone Age and Bronze Age life; from the discovery of fire and creation of tools, to the arrival of the Beaker folk from Europe bringing new skills and ideas.