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Autumn term 1 & 2: Wonderful me

Skittle experiment

The Reception children carried out an experiment with skittles. We had instructions to follow. Firstly, we had to place the skittles into a circle around the plate so we worked together to do this. Secondly, we added warm water to the middle of the circle. The children felt the jug to describe the temperature of the water. They were encouraged to make a prediction on what they thought might happen once the water was added. The children were also asked after the experiment why they thought it had happened. After they had explained their answer, I told them that the water had dissolved the colouring of the skittles to reveal the white sweet underneath.

Self portraits

The children have been using mirrors to notice their facial features, including the colour of their hair and colour of their eyes. They have been noticing their similarities and differences to their peers and their families. We are all unique and special!

Lost bear

We discovered  a lost bear called Edward in our classroom. He had a letter with him asking for our help. The children came up with some fantastic ideas of how to keep him safe and happy including a comfy bed, food, water, cards and even a telephone so that he could call his family. 

On the way to school the next day, we discovered some posters from Edward's family asking for us to write to them if we have seen Edward. We worked together to write them a letter to let them know that he was in our classroom and we had taken good care of him. 

We received a reply from Edward's family thanking us for taking care of him and also to ask us to take him to Natureland so that they could collect him and be reunited. The children were very excited to be set this task and were also concerned that Edward would get cold so they made him a warm and comfy bed. 

ICT firework pictures

The children have used the paint programme on the interactive whiteboard to create their own firework picture. They used the different tools and techniques on the programme to adapt their work. 

We spoke about our own experiences of bonfire night and how we keep safe. 


The children listened to the story of Rama and Sita to discover why some people celebrate Diwali. We also watched some video clips of how Diwali is celebrated. The children then created their own Diya lamps using Airdough. 

Winter Wonderland

The children received a letter from and book from Jack Frost. He had heard how creative and helpful we are so asked us to make our room into a Winter Wonderland. We looked at some video clips and images of Winter scenes and the children worked together to create a mind map of ideas. They then worked individually to create their own Winter Wonderland plan.