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Autumn Term 1 & 2 - Enchanted Woodland and Scented Garden

Tuesday 3rd November


The children had another scientific afternoon using their knowledge and skills to conduct a simple experiment. We decided to test what it would be like without our sense of sight by building a tower blindfolded. The children made a scientific prediction, predicting how many blocks high they think they could build a tower. Then we conducted our experiment and recorded our score,  finally we collected our data and discuss the findings, like true scientists.  

Welcome back and just look at the amazing home learning projects the children have produced at home! The children have without doubt being using the skills and knowledge they have acquired last term to  use a range of materials to design and make floral artwork.

Tuesday 20th October


The children have been gaining new and fascinating knowledge today during science. The children have been learning that results are information that has been found out from an investigation.  We decided to investigate holes, tunnels and tree stumps using torches to find any woodland creatures that we predicted might be hiding there.

Friday 16th October 2020 


Today the children made some teeny tiny, healthy treats to serve at a tiny tea party for imaginary woodland creatures. The children used their knowledge of a healthy diet to create fruit kebabs and cucumber snacks. 

Monday 12th October 2020 


This week the children have been learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, the children used the skill of role play and performances to retell the story to their peers.  


Friday 9th October 2020   


The children have been using their knowledge about some of the ways people can look after the local environment, by collecting and recycling leaf litter and other rubbish found on our school grounds.  

Tuesday 6th October 2020  


Year 1 have been using a range of materials creatively to design and make flower heads of the rainforest. The children used their knowledge of how different materials and techniques are suited to different tasks to help them produce large vibrant flowers.


Monday 28th September 2020       


Today Year 1 planted their very own seeds! We used our knowledge of instructions and discussed how these help us to plant and care for them, the children then worked in pairs to plant their seeds following these simple instructions.

Friday 25th September 2020 


This afternoon, the children have been using their knowledge of how different materials can be used for building nests and dens for woodland animals at Natureland. We explored and discussed which natural materials would be suitable to create strong structures to keep our animals safe and warm.