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Art of Brilliance

The Art of Being Brilliant

On Tuesday 6th March 2018, four Year 5 and 6 representatives from the School Council joined the Kyra Kids East Council to participate in a 'Art of Brilliance' workshop looking at promoting resilience and happiness. They became 'Happiness Ambassadors' and will be delivering an assembly to the whole school during the Summer Term. The Pig of Happiness video really illustrates what we are trying to do...

Minutes from our KYRA Kids Council Meeting

After feeding back to the other councilors about what they had learned, it was then their job to report back to the rest of the classes. Year 1 sharing the 'Pig of Happiness' book with the other children.

School councilors launching our 'Happiness' assembly this morning by sharing their ideas. What a fab start to a Monday!

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