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Art and Crafts Club KS1






Spring Term

Project Linked Art and Craft Activities

Art club superheroes using all their skills to make shields & bullet deflecting wristbands!

Art Club are so proud of their mixed media work combining colour washing, collage & photos to create a topic linked piece!

We are working on our cutting skills and assembling skills to create our very own Saturn!

Autumn Term

We have a new group of budding artists ready

to share their talents!

Week 9- For our final week we made Christmas cards using felt for the Christmas tree and pipe cleaner trunks but we were so busy that Miss Tuplin forgot to take photos!

Week 8- We used glue and glitter to create winter pictures. We were amazed at how they looked once we'd shook the spare glitter off!

Week 7-This week we painted pictures and then had a go at making mice out of clay. We had to be careful how we attached the tails because we didn't them to drop off once they had dried!

Week 6- After a few weeks off, we were back on top form using straws to blow paint to give some faces some hair! Well done to Noah, artist of the week!

Week 5- This week we used coloured cellophane over the shape in a black piece of paper and layered them up to make new colours.

Week 4- This week we decorated our masks. We had to make a sensible choice about how much we would put on our masks and where. The result? Fabulous!

Week 3-This week we started working on our masks. First we had to plan what colours we were going to use for the main part of the mask. We painted them and left them to dry so next week we can decorate them!

This week we first had to decide what colours made brown, and then found that most colours work when we mix them! Then we painted tree trunks and added texture by adding leaves!

Our first week at Art Club started by making fingerprints. We used some ideas for inspiration and then turned them into pictures. Brilliant results, well done!