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Are carnivals always colourful?


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Christ the Redeemer

We have done some work on Christ the Redeemer previously and made a piece of artwork using paint. This week we have used clay to make a model of the statue. What do you think?

Legend of Guarana


This week we have been learning about the Brazilian Legend of Guarana. We listened to it, sequenced it and then we have had a go at working as a team to act it out. 


Testing soap products

Year 1 and 2 worked together to perform a simple test in science. They had soap flakes, washing up liquid, washing powder, bubble bath and liquid soap. They had to decide which made the most bubbles and how they felt when they put their hands in. Bubble bath was the winner for the most bubbles!

Ink Marbling

Year 2 have had so much fun with ink marbling. They had to choose which colours they would like, mixed it up and then laid the paper on the top. Look at the results!



Year 2 had a go at making Brazilian Brigadeiros. They followed instructions carefully and then in the week had a go at sequencing or writing our own. Well done Year 2!