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Alchemy Island

Welcome to Alchemy Island! A place of mystery for us to explore. We will go on a magical journey to discover what is on our Island by plotting routes, solving riddles and much more. Along the way we will write soliloquies and poems and create music to bring this mystical place alive. 


Today we had a visit from the Alchemist's Assistant, who brought some treasures found on the Island and a Riddle for us to solve to set us on our journey!! 


Here we go! ..........


Epic Citadel


This morning we used iPads to explore the environment of the Epic Citadel. Then we made notes on an OSIE grid of the images to help plan our ideas for a story setting. 


Some of our descriptive vocabulary, gathered as a class, to use in our Quest stories.
Portal Pictures
We examined samples from Alchemy Island, sorting them by their properties and an agreed criteria. It was great fun!!
We are lucky to have JB Sports coming in over the next few weeks to deliver a Healthy Lifestyles Workshop. We are learning all about food groups and their benefits to our bodies. Also, how having too much sugar, fat and salt can have a detrimental affect on our long term health.

Wow! A busy week looking at the wierd and wonderful samples from Alchemy Island! We've looked at and tested -:

Evaporation, filtration, magnetism and seiving. Also, what is meant by reversible and irreversible changes to various materials.  However, we especially enjoyed experimenting with the mysterious gold crystals and finding out what happens when they are placed in water. They were monitored over 23 hours.  Will this change be reversible we wonder?

And the answer is .......
YES!!! This change is reversible. 
Picture 1

We carried out an experiment making foam! Each tiny bubble filled with oxygen to create an Exothermic Reaction. We used hydrogen peroxide, washing up liquid, glitter, yeast and warm water.   (If you want to try this at home make sure only an adult touches the ingredients as hydrogen peroxide will burn your skin).


Will this process be reversible or irreversible? Watch this space ....

Picture 1
Irreversible changes from our experiments: Evaporation and an Exothermic Reacion.
Picture 1
Picture 2