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A Child's War

11/12/2019 - Science


Year 5 had a great afternoon today, as they completed an experiment where they had to find materials which conducted electricity and could be used as a switch to send a message in Morse code!


Blitz Poetry:

We have written some absolutely stunning Blitz poetry today. Our use of language to create a picture is amazing. We have thought so carefully about the language we want to use and how to make our writing as poetic as possible and the final poems are simply brilliant. 

04/12/2019 - Design and Technology


This afternoon, Year 5 designed and a created a toy or game inspired by those used during the Second World War. They had to consider the resources and tools available during the war and the type of technology that people would have had access to.

22/11/19 - Trip to the Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby.


Today we went for a wartime Christmas experience day at East Kirkby. We took part in various activities such as making tree decorations, Christmas cards from evacuees, carrot cookies using our rations and a jive lesson with dance instructors. We had an amazing time! 

19.11.19 Trip to the We'll Meet Again Museum


What an amazing day we've had! We've spent time learning what life was like on the home front in WW2 by experiencing the 3D Blitz experience, handling guns and bullets, looking at real uniforms, sitting in a Lancaster cockpit, making paper plant pots and planting peas in them, learning about rationing, looking at toys from the time and much, much more. A wonderful experience for us all!

13/11/2019 - Art and Design


This afternoon, Year 5 created some artwork inspired by the 'Blitz' in World War Two. They started by designing their artwork and then used chalk and black paper to create the final masterpiece.

Remembrance Day

Today, Years 5 and 6 went to observe the 2 minute silence at the Franklin Statue with members of the wider community including representatives of the Royal British Legion and ex serviceman. The last Post was played and the children were complimented on their outstanding behaviour and mature attitude.


We followed this with a visit to Spilsby cemetery to place wreaths and crosses on the graves of the servicemen laid to rest there. Members of the British Legion guided us round and told us about each of the servicemen before we placed the wreaths and crosses. Another poignant and humbling morning. 

07/11/19 - History

We have been researching the story of Anne Frank and working in groups to create a time line showing the events. Such a thought-provoking and humbling topic which the children have approached with such maturity. 

07/11/19 - Art and DT

This week we have been creating our very own poppy-themed stained glass windows in Art and DT. We started by sketching our designs, then we transferred this to black sugar paper, carefully cut it out with a craft knife and then placed tissue paper over the design to create the window effect. This took so much patience, skill and resilience and the children did such a wonderful job. 

06/11/2019 - History

For the second part of the afternoon, Year 5 had a very thought provoking and humbling lesson about The Holocaust. They spent time learning about the tragic events as well as reading some recounts from victims of the event.

06/11/2019 - Geography


This afternoon, Year 5 looked at the locations in Britain, which were targeted by the German forces during World War Two. They had to consider why certain areas were heavily bombed compared to others, which were moderately bombed.

30/10/2019 - History


Year 5 had a very busy afternoon looking at key events from the Second World War. They then chose an event to study in more detail and worked collaboratively to create a class timeline.