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Year 3/4R

Week 6

This week's challenge was to find all possible combinations of outfits that the elves could wear, first starting with 2 colours, 3 then 4.

Week 5

This week's challenge was to work out totals from a Venn diagram, adding in the data from the information given. 

Week 4 Maths Challenge

This week's activity was to calculate how many blocks would be needed to create up and down staircases. 

The children were able to choose any method they wanted to solve the problem. The aim was to identify any patterns in the making of the staircase. To then be able to predict how many would be required to build a staircase with a number of steps from the information found out. 

'Up and Down' staircases

Week 3

Solving the Magic Vs

The challenge- Could the numbers 1-5 be placed on the arms of the V and create equal totals when added together?

Second challenge- Could a pattern be followed to use higher value numbers?

Check out our solutions below.

Week 3 solutions

Week 2

The second challenge was to work out how many possible aliens there could be if only the amount of alien's legs were counted.

The challenge total was 52, with Zios having 3 legs and Zepts having 7.

Here are the children's workings out.

Our first Math challenge

Our first math challenge was a countdown conundrum. 4 small and 2 large numbers were randomly created and a target number set. The children then worked independently to get as close to the target number using any of the 4 operations that they needed, without repeating any number. 

Math challenge solutions