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Year 3

     Welcome to Year 3!




A warm welcome from myself and Mrs Rossiter.


Mrs Rossiter will be working in the classroom every day from Monday til Thursday and Friday mornings. 

Please feel free to come and view any of our Topic displays if you are in school.

We look forward to showing you all the exciting learning and activities Year 3 are involved in.

Keep checking the site for photos, videos and information.


Mrs Roberts

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The new year 3 class have enthusiastically dived into their new topic 'Flow'. They have created fish heads to become part of the class display. 

Mythical Creatures

Year 3 have been exploring the different features within myths and legends.

They are now in the planning stages of writing their own myth.

Using their imaginations they have created a mythical creature for their story and used this to help create a list of amazing adjectives and similes for description. 


Year have been investigating magnetic forces and learning the related scientific vocabulary.

They completed a range of activities to move a metal paperclip without using their hands.

They had to predict test and record whether an object was magnetic or not. 

Magnetic investigation

Magnetic investigation

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Year 3 children explaining how they had made their magnet work

Magnet explanation

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Magnet explanation 2

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Natureland Work

Mrs Roberts called in the troops (her parents) to help create a raised flower bed for the Natureland area. 

David and Linda Poole worked last Tuesday (3.6.14) to cut, saw, hammer, drill and create the beautiful raised flower beds.

Tyler Simpson helped capture the hard work on the iPad 


The building of the raised flower beds

Fire Safety assembly

Fire Safety assembly 1 Tyler becomes a real life fire fighter
Fire Safety assembly 2 Sally talks to year 3 and 4 about fire safety
Fire Safety assembly 3 Stay low and roll to put the flames out!!
Fire Safety assembly 4


 Victorian Experience Day 


Year 3 had a role play morning experiencing life as an occupant within a Victorian prison or workhouse


After watching some short video clips explaining the hardships and hard labour tasks the children began their role play.


Activities were set to represent the types of menial tasks prisoners and workhouse occupants experienced.


The first being the separating of string into its separate yarns. This represented the separating of rope which was then sent back to the shipyards and banged between joints to prevent leaking aboard the vessels. 


Endless pencils were sharpened (well kill 2 birds with 1 stone and get a classroom job completed!!)


Others had to sort cubes into piles of certain amounts and colours, with others building towers of cubes, representing the piling and sorting of stones which was sent to be used on the roads. 


The children also experienced hard labour tasks of making the mill turn; they had to synchronise their steps onto the bench in order to simulate making a mill wheel turn.


Mealtime didn't stop the Victorian experience, with children tasting gruel and flour soup. Quick note to parents some said they liked both!!


Exercise time on the playground; the children had to hold on to lengths of rope knotted at 1metre intervals and walk around the outside of the playground. Using blinking, nose wiggling and tongue gestures they had to work out how they could communicate with their fellow prisoner without being caught coming under the wrath of the guard and therefore being given physical punishment (10 star jumps in the middle of the playground).   


The children took on both the guard and prisoner roles well, with a good discussion at the end about the harshness of the times.

Victorian Role Play

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The children experienced life as a workhouse or prison occupant

Bollywood dancing

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The children learnt different bollywood dance moves, the used these to create a small group performance.

Bollywood group performance

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The girls created their own Bollywood dance using 8 different moves, rehearsing their routine then performing to the class.

Groundforce continues


Mr Garrard very kindly came in at the weekend to complete the playhouse's fence and its internal area. Mrs Roberts managed to coerce her sons into joining her to make up the wooden benches, to create the outside classroom and the laying of the membrane for the barked paths. 


The area is truly transforming into the vision designed by the Teachers and children.








Groundforce Day 27.4.14

Year 3 checking out the progress of the 'Natureland"

Mrs Cunnington, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Jeffrey were joined by Mr Garrard; Mrs and Mrs Bird, Sophie and Chloe; Mr and Mrs Howe, Georgia and William; Mr and Mrs Harper and Joshua, Mr and Mrs Pitfield and Dylan; Mr Jeffrey with Charlie and Thomas; Mr John Cunnington and Andrew Cunnington and Mr and Mrs Howsam to start major renovations on the 'Natureland' area. The materials were all moved down to the Nature land and the hard work began. 

The children began the scrubbing of the fence to clear mould in readiness for a new paint job. The adults separated into small working teams and began the 'hard labour' task of creating the new pathways. A mountain of soil was cleared and piled in readiness for the wild flower area. In the meantime Mr Garrard and Mr Harper prepared the hard standing surface for the new 2 storey playhouse to be erected. Mr and Mrs Pitfield began the hard task of bending and setting the edging wood down within the pathways. 

A full days work was completed with a massive transformation to the nature land area.

Well done to all involved, your hard work and support is truly appreciated!!




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Year 3 are beginning to learn the french vocabulary for body parts