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Summer term week 9

This week we had to think carefully about all of the possible things we could tell somebody about a certain number. We had lots of great ideas and some biiiiiiig number sentences! Well done Year 2!

Summer term week 8

This week we have had another look at money. We had to decide which combinations of coins we would need to buy an ice cream. Have a look at our answers, which one would you buy?

Summer term week 7

Summer term week 7 1

Summer Term Week 6

This week we had to find the odd one out and give a reason, we managed to find 3! Some great explanations Year 2!

Summer Term Week 5

Fishy fractions in Year 2 this week! We had to work out he fraction of fish that were in the tank which were orange, black or could swim really fast. We all thought carefully about what we had learnt already to help us and managed really well. Great effort Year 2!

Summer Term Week 4

A tricky maths challenge this week because we haven't visited position and direction this term. We all managed to remember the compass points and the turns. Then we had to pretend we were pirates and work out where we would end up. 

Summer Term Week 3

This week we explored time again to see if we could add a chunk of time to the time on the clock. It was a bit tricky but Year 2 demonstrated the resilience part of Spilsby 7 very well. Well done!

Summer Term Week 2

This week we had a go at missing number sentences to see if we could remember how to use the inverse. We did really well and had a good try, it's strange having shapes in a number sentence! 

Summer Term Week 1

Summer Term Week 1 1
Summer Term Week 1 2
Summer Term Week 1 3
Summer Term Week 1 4
Summer Term Week 1 5
This week we revisited Base 10 and how to use it properly. We had to choose a colour and show how many ways that number could be made!

Week 2

We've been learning about fractions this week. We had to challenge ourselves to a colour and then see how many times we could half our number. Some of us used number facts that we know while some of used objects. Well done year 2!

Spring Term 2-Week 1

Spring Term 2-Week 1 1
This week in Maths we have been looking at division. We now know it means the same as sharing or grouping which is helpful. Maths Challenge helped us to apply our learning!

Week 4

Week 4 1
This week we've had to do some thinking about 3d shapes with a big question being WHAT CAN YOU TELL ME? We had some great ideas and remembering of learning!

Week 3

Week 3 1
Some great thinking from Year 2 today, answering the question 'What can you tell me about the number 25?'  
This week we revisited measure to see how much we could remember. We used the rulers and tape measures to see what was LONGER and SHORTER than 30cm, though some children found things that were EQUAL TO. After this, we practiced using the symbols again so we can't forget!

Week 9

This week we had to think back to when we did weight in Maths before half term. We had to find 2 objects in the classroom and decide which one was the heaviest. Working with our partners we had to use the words HEAVIER THAN, LIGHTER THAN and EQUAL TO. Once we had done this, we tried to use the >, < and = symbols. Well done Year 2!
This week we had a red, amber and green number on the board to give us a challenge. Once we had chosen one, we had to try and be systematic like before half term and think of how many numbers there were that were higher and lower than the one we had chose. Some of us had forgotten what being systematic meant so Miss Tuplin reminded us..
This week we had a list of numbers and had to see how many 2 digit numbers we could make. Miss Tuplin taught us how to be systematic and it made it so much easier..I wonder if we'll remember this for after half term.
We went shopping again this week, but we could decide if we went to the normal shop or the more expensive one. Some children had 50p and some children had £1 and had to buy 3 items and work out the change. Some children chose to use a number line, some chose a 100 square and some chose to draw the money they had to spend...but they all worked fab as a team!
This week we all had 20p to spend-lucky us! There was a choice of 4 types of ball that we could buy, but we could only buy 3 at a time. We had to work out which combinations we could have and how much change we would get back. Some fantastic working out-well done Team Year 2!

Week 4

Ooops, nothing to report this week..we were away having fun on our trip!

This week we had a doubles challenge (but Miss Tuplin forgot to take a picture of the challenge) which had three levels-red, amber and green. Each level had a number that we needed to double as many times as they could 1, 3 or 4. We first learnt what the word 'double' meant and was then free to work however we liked, with whatever we needed and to record it however we like. Great work Team Year 2!

Week 2

This week we had to work out which number was the odd one out. By the end of the lesson, we discovered that for some reason they all were! Freddie realised that the number 6 was the only 1 digit nmber, while Joe worked out that 27 was the only number that was odd...which meant it wasn't in the 2x table! Well done Team Year 2!

Week 1

Some great teamwork during our first Maths challenge. What can you tell me about a rhombus or a circle?