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All in a golden afternoon

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Act one- Wonderland

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Mad as a Hatter

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The croquet song

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Who stole the tarts

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who stole the tarts- Part 2

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Off with her head

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Finale- Wonderland

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Year 6 ended their time at Spilsby Primary Academy with a stunning very wacky performance of "Alice- The Musical" their characters that we have got to know over the years certainly shone through. Well done Year 6- Stars in the making…. 

Trophy Assembly more aptly named as "Trophy Tuesday" 🏆🥇🥇

Our penultimate afternoon at school was celebrated with the aptly named "Trophy Tuesday" we are so proud of all our children and the acheivements everyone makes throughout the year but our champions for 2016-2017 were released during the last celebration assembly. These awards are picked by the children, members of the community, teachers and school visitors. A big thank you was also given to the PTFA, School readers and other volunteers into school. 

Our winners were;


100% Attendance - Benjamin Aicken, Connor Youngson, Brooke Riches, Cody Rockall, Maya Young, Joshua Harper and Xander Summers.

Improved Swimmer - Isabelle Clark

Gymnast of the year - Jessica Reid

Dancer of the year - Daisy Sydenham

Inga Norman Sports Achievement of the year - Charlotte Johnson

Musician of the year - Hugh Curtis

Guitarist of the year - Aaron Camm

Brass player of the year - Katie Hopper

Choir member of the year - Abigail Playfoot

Drummers of the year - Ben Cromie, Tyler Simpson

Artist of the year - Casey-anne Carrington

Reading award - Amelia Standbrook

Writing Award - Charlotte Johnson

Maths Award - Jack Brown

JPCSO's - Abigail Playfoot, Amelia Standbrook, Bradley Mindham and Blake Denton

Tracey Odlin award - Outstanding year 2 pupil - Benjamin Aicken

PTFA special effort throughout their time in school - Xander Summers

Christopher Jack- Outstanding good all year round Y6 pupil - Sophie Bird

Mayors award- helpful, hardworking, following the Spilsby 7 (voted by the pupils) - Rupert Clark

Headteachers Award outstanding pupil of the year - Daniel Wright

Head Boy, Deputy head boy - Bradley Mindham, Sebastian Evans 

Head Girl, Deputy Head girl - Lexi Rockall, Jessica Davies


⭐️ A big well done to all. Have a fabulous summer. ⭐️


Red Nose Day 2017

World Book Day 2017