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Week 2: Finding all the possibilites: Rapunzel's Castle

Rapunzel has found a castle with 8 towers but they have all crumbled overnight. She has been asked to help to build them again, but where were they?

Some belong on the river side, some on the mountain side.

We chose to work in pairs or threes to solve the problem using different resources.

We even had a go at recording our solutions

Here is the solution!

Here is the solution! 1

"The best way is to share the towers fairly...four each." (Sienna)


"Look, I've found so many ways we can do this!" (Zane, Spencer, Justin)


"We've found another way! There are lots of ways!" (Leah)


"I'm going to try to find all the ways!" (Jack C)


"We could use cubes instead!" (Michaela)