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 Mrs Pitfield loves sweets ! She really loves skittles. However she likes the pink ones best but doesn't like the green ones ..Yuck  Can you find out which is the most popular colour skittle in the packet?

Each group seemed to find a different way of recording their findings.

Which way do you think is the best ?

How could we improve our recording of the information we gathered?

Gipsey Bridge sent us an email about our findings - we are going to answer their questions.


"Thank you for sending us your message. We did find it tricky not to eat the sweets but we were all super good and didn’t eat any! We have learnt all about using a tally chart or a bar chart, but we all forgot to use them! Next time we won't forget and we will use a tally chart or a bar chart. We all loved your pictures of the maths challenge on the website. We thought all of your methods to working out the maths challenge were wonderful! We were so impressed you remembered to use all of  those methods! "


Class one would like to know which was the least popular coloured skittle and how many skittles there were altogether?


Picture 1

' We tried to create a pictogram to show that orange was the most popular colour skittle '

Picture 1

' We drew round each skittle in groups and then counted how many there was.'

Picture 1

' We put our sweets all in a line and labelled each line. It looks a little bit like a pictogram.'

Picture 1

' We had 2 colours exactly the same. Pink and green both had 12.'

Picture 1

' We put our sweets in a line as it was easier to see which was the longest line. Pink was the most popular'