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Week 1- Finding all the possibilities with Rainbow Fish

Oh no! The Problem Blob has arrived at Spilsby!
Picture 1

When we got to class today, we had a problem waiting for us! The Problem Blob had left us a Rainbow Fish problem to solve!


The Rainbow Fish and the Little Blue Fish were given six scales to share. But how could they do it?

We needed to find ALL the ways in which we could do this. There were seven different ways, so we had to set to work straight away!

Picture 1
We worked in teams of three to solve the problem and find all the different possibilities. We loved working with the colourful rainbow scales and decided we liked working in threes instead of twos! We were fantastic problem solvers and worked brilliantly TOGETHER to solve the problem!

Let's share the scales Rainbow Fish

We came back together to share what we had found out.

Here is the solution!

We've solved the problem! Everything is awesome!

Comments from the children whilst working out the problem:


"We've already found that way, let's try to find a different way to share them!" (Fayth)


"That one isn't fair because this fish has zero! Boo hoo!" (Keiron, Harley, Jack C)


"Let's make it fair and share them so they both have the same amount...three each!" (Spencer)


"There is always going to be six scales altogether!" (Sienna)


"I like working in threes, we have more people to talk to!" (Harriet)