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In the jungle there are 5 monkeys. There is also 10 leaves for them to eat. How many leaves will they get each?


Check out how we worked this problem out. can you see the different ways we have got the correct answer?


Which method do you like the most and why?

Picture 1
" We used black cubes for the 5 monkeys. We wanted to give them bananas so we used yellow cubes for the 10 bananas. We counted out the yellow cubes one at a time until there was none left. Each monkey gets 2 bananas " 
Picture 1

" We knew the answer was 2 but showed it by drawing 5 monkeys and then drawing 10 leaves. Each monkey holds 2 leaves "


Picture 1
" We used the bears to help us solve this problem. We picked 5 bears to be the monkeys. Then we picked 10 bears to be the leaves. We counted them out for each monkey. Each monkey needed to have the same amount. They have 2 leaves each"