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Year 2 are very lucky to have some fabulous ladies who volunteer to help with our children. If you feel you could offer help or have a hidden talent please ask at the office or email Mrs Pitfield about coming in to school to work with the children.



Mrs Vestbirk

Mrs Vestbirk 1 Mrs Vestbirk working 1:1 with the children
Mrs Vestbirk 2 Mrs Vestbirk
Mrs Vestbirk has been helping in school for over 20 years. Orginally from Denmark, Mrs Vestbirk works with children on their own, helping with reading, letter formation , simple maths problems and story writing. The children love her quiet voice and kind nature and all want to work with her on the two mornings she visits us. The staff and children are very grateful for her help....and her butter cookies !!

Mrs Aspinall

Mrs Aspinall 1
Mrs Aspinall 2
Mrs Aspinall 3
Mrs Aspinall 4
Mrs Aspinall is our resident sewing lady. After discovering her hidden talent the children begged her to come in to school to teach us how to sew. (Mr Pitfield is really pleased now that Mrs Pitfield can sew on buttons !! ) The children work in pairs on Wednesday afternoons creating and sewing all sorts of things from purses, tiger finger puppets to jungle mobiles to hang from the classroom ceiling. Mrs Aspinall is very talented and we appreciate the patience and kindness she shows towards our children.

Mrs Davies

Mrs Davies 1
Mrs Davies 2
Mrs Davies 3
Mrs Davies 4

When Jessica and Rebecca bought in some beautiful tiger drawings, we thought they had been bought from the shop. However it turns out that their Mummy is a wonderful artist and we knew we needed her in Year 2. Mrs Davies now runs our Art Masterclass on Thursday afternoons. So far we have learnt how to shade with a pencil thinking about where shadows would be and also we have learnt how to draw people properly. No more stick men for us !!!