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Traders and Raiders

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24/06/2019 - History and Geography


This afternoon, Year 3 used atlases to find out where the Anglo-Saxons settled in Britain. They noticed that some of the places are quite close to Spilsby! Next they learnt all about where the Vikings came from in Europe and highlighted these places on a map.

24/06/2019 - English


This morning, Year 3 were given some images showing an important figure in British history. They had to describe the images using adjectives and make some predictions as to who the person could have been. They soon realised it was Alfred the Great and are going to spend the remainder of the week finding out more about him.

19/06/2019 - History


This afternoon, Year 3 looked at the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain. They started by looking at maps and seeing where Saxon Shore Forts were positioned and then they used the internet and non-fiction texts to find out about the invaders! They looked at where they settled, what houses they built, what clothes they used to wear as well as the food they used to eat. They then displayed this information in a poster.

19/06/2019 - English


This morning, Year 3 looked at myths and legends and in particular focussed on the story of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone. They listened to a few different versions of the myth and then used storyboards to retell it in their own words!