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On Thursday 3rd April, parents/carers of children in Years 5 & 6 were invited to a "Viking" afternoon.  There was a fantastic response, and parents/carers and lots of younger brothers and sisters attended. The Year 5/6 children were enthusiastic and knowledgeable hosts and they showed our visitors around the event.


In one room, Viking weaving, shield painting, rune writing and making of rune talismans was available for anyone to try their hand at. Our mini-museum was staffed by knowledgeable assistants who quizzed visitors on ancient Viking artefacts, while in the ICT room you could make your own comic strip or short animated Beowulf film with the help of our technicians!


Visitors following the treasure trail from room to room, looking for clues for the mystery word - which turned out to be Vicious Vikings!  In the library, story telling and poetry reading was taking place. A fantastic afternoon was experienced by all and the children loved sharing their learning with their families.