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Our Topic this term is Vicious Vikings.


The Vikings came from three countries of Scandinavia: Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The name 'Viking' comes from a language called 'Old Norse' and means 'a pirate raid'. People who went off raiding in ships were said to be 'going Viking'.

Picture 1

Viking Shields 


Viking shields were circular, measuring up to a metre across. They made of a single layer of wooden planks with a central hollow iron boss to protect the hand, a handle (grip) riveted to the back, and bindings on the rim, sometimes made from leather.


We designed and made are own Viking shields using our family clans colours and emblems.

Picture 1



Viking letters were called Runes. They weren't written with pen and ink on paper. Instead, Runes were carved with a knife or chisel into stone and wood. To make carving into these surfaces easier, the Runes were made using only straight lines.


Year 5 designed and made their own Rune pendant from clay.

Picture 1 Our Rune pendants
Picture 2 Brilliant mean Viking faces boys!
Picture 3 The girls model their Rune pendants
Picture 4

Viking Helmets


Many people believe that the Vikings wore horned or winged helmets however there is no evidence to suggest this. They often had protective metal down and around the ears and some helmets found in burial mounts had a metal mask in front.

Viking helmets were usually made up of four parts. These parts were then fixed together with a metal rim that crossed the helmet on the top and around the edges.To fasten the helmets, the user would strap it under his chin by using a leather band or by tying the ear protection plates together.


We researched Viking helmets.  We then designed and made our own out of paper mache. Check out our photographs - it was very messy!