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Tooth enamel investigation

Investigating the effects of different liquid on teeth enamel


As part of our class exploration of teeth and their functions we also decided to investigate the effects of different drinks on tooth enamel.

Even though the children were all of the age of losing teeth no volunteers could be found to give up a tooth for scientific exploration purposes. (Maybe the tooth fairy payment swayed this decision!!)

The investigation was adapted to use a material as close to the consistency of a human tooth. The result being to use egg shells. Both the egg shell and tooth enamel contain calcium carbonate so the effects of the liquids would give a close comparison to the effects on a human tooth. 

Stage 1 of the experiment was to set up the equipment to ensure a fair test. Observations would then be recorded on the iPad to obtain photos and video diaries of any daily changes. 

Keep checking our class page to see how the egg shells change or deteriorate.  


Tooth enamel investigation