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Tomorrow's World

Well, here we are already - last term of the school year.  Doesn't time fly? This term we are going to be working on a project called Tomorrow's World.  We will look at the world of technology, past and present. Perhaps, as a parent, you could think back to when you were in Y5.  How did you communicate with your friends? What computer games and consoles were on the market? Compare with your child how quickly the ongoing design of new technology is shaping and changing the world we live in.  Follow our page to join our fun journey into the summer holidays! 

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Look at our Investigation Area.  Isn't it amazing that the things we used most of these items for, can now be 'carried' around on a tablet or mobile phone !! Camera, music, maps, notes, books and so much more!! 
Today we tried to guess which year various gadgets were invented. The two that surprised us the most were Sungasses, 1929 and the toaster, 1919!! Although we doubt the first one looked anything like they do today.  Can you find out what the world's first electric toaster looked like? 

There is great excitement in Y5 this week. We have split into teams to enter a competition to design a virtual robot, using the latest AR technology. 


Our brief is to design a robot from component parts and program it to tackle different challenges and terrains. Fingers crossed! 

Home Learning

Some of the fabulous pieces of home learning for this project


Huge excitement using the WeDo Lego technology to program robotics. We used blocks of code to operate them, making them move at various speeds and turn. 


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