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Summer 2

Counting counters

Stop or Dare

This week's challenge involved working against a partner or a small group and using addition skills. A target number was chosen and playing cards were used to reach the total. Each player could stop choosing cards whenever they wanted in their turn. The next player commenced the same routine. The aim of the game was to land own the target number. 

Stop or Dare

First connect three

This week's challenge involved outwitting a partner using addition or subtraction skills. The game was played like the traditional 'Connect 4', but putting 3 counters in row.

Each child rolled 2 dice and decided whether they would add or subtract the digits. This even meant moving into negative numbers.

What calculations would they create?

First connect three

Mystery Matrix

This week's challenge involved working backwards and using times table knowledge.

The matrix had the answers and only a few factors to start working with. Using a times table grid helped the children to work out which times table had this total. A process of elimination using numbers 2-12 only helped the children to work out the numbers around the matrix then fill in the missing answers to complete the matrix. 

Using resources effectively.

Using resources effectively.  1
Using resources effectively.  2
Using resources effectively.  3
Using resources effectively.  4
Using resources effectively.  5
Using resources effectively.  6