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Summer 1

Light the lights/ Light the lights again

I'm eight

This week's task was to make any number sentence with the answer of 8. What pattern could the children find? What operation would they use? Would they challenge themselves to use fractions?

I'm 8

Forgot the numbers

This week's challenge was a trail and error exercise. Resilience was needed as well as systematic testing of numbers. 

Week 2 - Strike it out!

This week's challenge was to outwit your partner using your addition skills. The winner was the last to use digits from a 1-20 number line and leave no options for their partner to choose from.

Strike it Out

Division rules

This week's challenge was to try and find a pattern in the end total when dividing any 3-digit number with the same divisor.

Year 3 used a calculator to help work out their answers and some of the patterns spotted were; you always get a point five answer if you divide by 2 and the number is odd. If you divide a whole number by 3 the answer will always end in . 3333333recurring. When dividing by 2 even numbers  will always be whole numbers and odd numbers will have half or point five after them.