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Spring term 2, week 1

Our friends in Year 2 have had an excellent week learning about division so we got excited and decided to do some sharing, too. We used different amounts of large counters, either 6,8 or 12, and looked at how many different ways we could share them equally.
Picture 1
Sienna saw that 6 could be shared equally into 2 groups of 3.
Picture 1
Leah shared the 6 counters into 6 equal groups.
Picture 1
Ruby made 3 equal groups of 2.

When dividing 12 counters, Zane found that 12 shared into 6 groups left 2 counters in each group. Leah worked out that the 12 counters could be shared into 12 equal groups. Freddie worked out that 3 people could have 4 counters each.

Well done Year 1!