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Approaching midnight

The week's challenge involved using their knowledge of time and being able to count around the clock in 5s, working out how long would be left to reach the o'clock.

The children could work against their partner or try and beat the computer to get the hands to reach midnight.

Approaching midnight

Sweets in a box

Week 4

This week's challenge was to work systematically and solve a problem.

How could the sweets be positioned to not actually be adjacent to their own colour. 

The children use cubes to help find a pattern then copied their work into their books. 

Week 3

This week's challenge involved outwitting a partner and be the player who landed on the target number of 23. Addition skills were needed to force your partner to miss the target number and land on it yourself.

Week 2

Thus week's challenge was to use their knowledge of fractions to help work out quantities  for a picnic. How much would each person eat or drink? 


Creating squares

This weeks challenge was to outwit your partner and create a square on the dotted board. The first person to create a square in any orientation was the winner and the dual restarted.