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Week 5

This week' s challenge was to find the way through a maze, adding up a total as they went to hopefully reach a total of 100. Rules applied to not go over a number twice. 

Here are our attempts. 

Week 4

This week's challenge involved being able to order different units of measurement. The children first had to record their answer for the time, distance and mass questions then put them in the order smallest to largest.

Week 3

Thus week's challenge involved understanding digital time. The children were given the challenge of creating consecutive numbers which could be presented as time on a digital clock face. The children had to work systematically to find all the combinations possible. 

Fraction flags

This week's interactive challenge enabled the children to show off their knowledge of fractions to complete the flags. 

The children also noticed that they needed to use their times table knowledge to work out how many squares needed filling in.

Week 1

Math Challenge - What  do you need?

This week's challenge was a process of elimination using the 8 clues provided. 4 were useless clues but 4 played an important part of eliminating the numbers and narrowing the 100 square down to a single figure.  

Here's how the children solved it.