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Investigating the 'Viscosity' of liquids

Year 3 had a scientific afternoon to test the viscosity of different liquids.

The session began with a recap on the different physical states of matter; Solids, Liquids or Gases.

The children then discussed what the properties of a liquid were; it was runny and could be poured. They then predicted which of the 4 different liquids would flow more quickly. They then tested to see if the viscosity affected how it would flow, by pouring the liquid on a ramp and measuring how far it flowed in 10 seconds. A discussion followed to analyse and compare results. The children then investigated a 'newtonian' liquid (cornflour and water), which looked like a fluid but was hard to move when stirring occurred. 










Solids, liquids and gases


The children investigated the different forms all objects must take. They sorted their packaging and contents into solids, liquids or gases piles. 

They then made explanations of how an object would be classified under each category.

They even had a go at being a particle in each of the 3 different states.

Solid- compressed so they couldn't change shape.

Liquid- more space in-between the particles to take the shape of the container they were in and be of  runny consistency.

Gas- free moving and able to spread out into the space available. 

Solids liquids and gases