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Parents Feedback

We regularly seek parents feedback after assemblies, whole school events and curriculum afternoons. Below are a few of our most recent parental comments.

'The children have all been so enthusiastic', 'What a fantastic get together once again', 'My little group was very chatty about what they have been learning' Just a snapshot of some the great parental feedback from Y3/4s Gods and Mortals WOW event.

'Nice to see the children present their own work and how proud it was', 'Great to see what the children have been doing in their lessons', More brilliant feedback- this time from Y3/4s 'Srumdiddlyumptious' Showcase!

'A fantastic afternoon', 'The kids and singing were fantastic', 'Good culmination to a project the children have enjoyed and put a great deal of effort into', 'The children had a lot of enthusiasm in all that they did' More amazing comments from our year 5 and 6 street party!

'Fantastic art work', 'What a fab WOW event', 'Lovely involvement for parents', 'The children were confident and happily showed off their class work'. More amazing comments from our parents/carers for the KS1 WOW event! Thanks to everyone who came.

“Lovely afternoon...could have stopped longer’ ‘A brilliant way to get involved with children’s learning’ Just some of the fab parent comments from Receptions 'stay and play' session.

Brilliant feedback from our autumn workshop! Always great to see what we're doing well and how we can improve.


Calling all parents/carers…

Tell us what you think?


Join us on Tuesday 7th November, anytime between 1pm and 6pm for a coffee/tea and a

chat about what we are doing well and in what ways we can improve. 


There was a great turnout last time in May and it would be brilliant to

see even more parents this time.

Parent Questionnaire Results- Autumn 2017

Feedback from parents from our choir's performance to the

British Legion at Easy Kirkby. 



Melissa Clark  Oct 21

You must feel incredibly proud of @SpilsbyPrimary choir - a sensational performance! Well

done to you all!👏🎶🎵👏 #poppyappeal




Lorraine Curtis 

They were fantastic!!!!
Well done did yourselves, your parents and Spilsby primary proud today

Some fantastic parental feedback following Receptions Rainbow Party.

More lovely comments from our Facebook page.

'Lots of good ideas', 'It was fantastic', 'Great to see him and his friends working together, 'A Lot of messy fun'- just some of the comments from our parents for the Y5/6 Stargazers WOW event

Just some of the fabulous parental comments that came from our end of year reports.

"Very informative" "a real eye opener" "huge wake up call" some of the fabulous feedback from our parents E-safety workshop.

"Very informative" "a real eye opener" "huge wake up call" some of the fabulous feedback from our parents E-safety workshop.  1

A fantastic afternoon with parents and one of our trustees. All coming together to tell us 'how we are doing' and 'how we can help'.

Calling all parents/carers...come and join us on Monday for a coffee and chat and share your thoughts!

Calling all parents/carers...come and join us on Monday for a coffee and chat and share your thoughts! 1

31st March 2017: Feedback from our Y1 and 2 'Out of this World' WOW event

15th  March 2017.

Zoe Clemence:  'Well done to all pupils in the choir! An amazing music festival and beautiful voices. Well done to all!'

Lovely feedback on the school Facebook page from the Year 3 and 4 performance 'Thank you for the Music'.

Lovely feedback on the school Facebook page from the Year 3 and 4 performance 'Thank you for the Music'. 1

Just some of the fantastic comments about our 999 day!

13th January 2017:  Y3/4 Memorable Experience for 'Playlist' Project


Dear Mr Clarke,


I am the organist of St James Church,Spilsby and talked about the electric and pipe organs to some of the children of your school  this morning.


As a retired Head Teacher myself I would like to say how well behaved and polite the children were.Each group thanked me and didn’t make a fuss when many were unable to have the opportunity to sit on the organ stool.It was a pleasure to be with them.They were a credit to their teachers and the school.


I hope you will pass on my thanks for an enjoyable morning.Thank you.


Yours sincerely

Margaret Cook

Feedback from the Young Voices concert.

Feedback from the Young Voices concert.   1

Alison Summers: "A fantastic afternoon with year 4 showcasing their term topic. Well done all that took part"

Thank you to all teachers and children for the invite to the wow event.  It was fantastic and lots of fun enjoyed by all @SpilsbyPrimary

Parental feedback from the Year 3 & 4 'Tremors' Showcase- 6/12/16

Parent Questionnaire Results- Autumn 2016

Picture 1

Letter writing at home! "Practice is paying off"

Letter writing at home!  "Practice is paying off" 1

More lovely feedback from our parents following the Y2 Pixie Party! 1/12/16

Thank you @SpilsbyPrimary and Year 1 teaching staff for all the extra help with Michaela's speech, she has now been discharged from S.A.L.T

Some responses from our Reception 'Stay and Play' afternoon: 29/11/16

The year 1 children sent out invitations to their Grandparents to come to an afternoon tea party as part of their topic 'Grandma why was it called the good old days?'

We received some lovely feedback from parents and grandparents, here are a few of them.


We had a great time today. We felt proud when they all sang their songs. We enjoyed reading Funnybones too. Very good afternoon.


We had a lovely time, the food was very nice and we really enjoyed the children's singing. It was lovely to talk to Millie about when we were young. Thank you for inviting us.


Very enjoyable. It's nice to be involved with our grandchildren. Many thanks.


Lots of thought had gone into the afternoon. Everyone enjoyed the lovely tea.  The singing and actions were a great surprise.  The questions made us both think about our childhood. Thank you.

Well done to years 5 and 6 for putting on two excellent performances of Christmas in an Anderson Shelter last week.  Thanks also for inviting us to your 1942 Christmas party.  We had a great time this afternoon and the jam tarts tasted much better than I expected!  The singing at both performances and today was fantastic.  Thank you to all the staff for organising everything.


Mrs Harper

Responses from the Parents Evening questionnaire (November 2015)


'Spilsby school has 'switched on' the learning heads of both my children- they are eager to arrive at school and excited to share their learning at the end of each school day.  The staff are a real credit to the school and are really inspiring my boys"  Year 2 parent.

Thank you to everyone who took time to complete the parent questionnaire. We received extremely positive feedback.


What has your child enjoyed most about school this year?


Everything! She always comes home and tells us what she has learnt, she loves going.


The work, as both the children love learning and both have excellent teachers.


She has enjoyed everything about the school, she loves it.


He has enjoyed all aspects of school throughout the year.


Maths, literacy and art. She loves being with all her friends in the classroom, having golden time Fridays and celebration assembly. She really enjoyed the Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic.


My child has enjoyed learning about dinosaurs, sea creatures, the trip to the Deep was fantastic. She has learned so much in such a short amount of time! Her reading and writing skills amaze me and each day she fascinates me with her new knowledge. We are so happy with her progress and it's all with thanks to her teachers in her class and school.



Some of the feedback from parents at the Franklin Hall Art Exhibition, 11 February 2015.


Excellent artwork by all the children. Fab!


Excellent presentations, great experience.


Brilliant art exhibition. Well done to all the children. Fabulous!


A lovely way to show the children's hard work.


A great show of all the children's hard work! Amazing Picasso paintings by year 1. It was great to be shown around by the children themselves.


A lovely way to show the children's hard work. Enjoyed coming down.


A wonderful display. Well done to all the children-beautiful.


A really good display from the children. Such imagination. Well done.


What a cool idea!


Really fab opportunity to see my daughter's work. Really enjoyed the experience.


I would just like to congratulate you on an excellent website and a superb school.

My granddaughter moved to spilsby in January of this year and joined your school. She has settled in very well and the difference in her since moving from leeds has been amazing.

She is more outgoing and mixes well with her peers. Although I would hesitate to say this to her, I have watched her develop and she looks forward to school which is something that she did not do in leeds.

I would like to thank you for the continuing work that you and your staff do on a day to day basis.

It is a pleasure to be part of spilsby and for such a beautiful area it is gratifying that spilsby is supported by such a brilliant school.

Should you need any help or support please do not hesitate to contact me.

My compliment to you all.


Thank you.




The children do so well, you must be so proud.  Parent of children in year 6 and reception


Mr Booth is lovely with the little ones and respectful to the older ones, nice to see.


Brilliant, really lovely assembly and all the children were full of confidence. Very well done.


Well done. Very proud. Lovely assembly as ususal.


Lovely behaviour from pupils-again.


Great to see the children being rewarded for their hard work.


Lovely assembly, Nice to see everyone's achievements.


Lovely and uplifting! 


Enjoyed being here today. Really love this school and my girls are very happy here. Best teaching techniques I have ever known.


Another enjoyable afternoon. Well done everybody.


So proud of Evie and the work she has been noticed for. All the children seem to be progressing well.


It was nice to see my daughter receive her certificate. The mother of a year 2 child.


Lovely to see both my children getting an award.


Very good assembly, expecially the school rules song.


So very proud of the children, well behaved and lovely singing.


Great to see the children's hard work being rewarded.


We really enjoyed the assembly and the enthusiasm of the staff at the school.


Lovely assembly. All the children seem so happy with the new head teacher. Mother of year 6 child



Parent Questionnaire Results

Parent Questionnaire Results 1
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