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Outdoor learning

The children were very lucky to have outdoor learning expert Mr Ashley Butterfield come into school and organise some activities for them.

The session began with an orienteering exercise used to gather information linked to soils and their 'Flow' topic. The children used their knowledge of compass points to help find the position of question and answer posts dotted around the school field.

The second activity required plenty of team work and co-ordination. The children had to mix up the the different components found within soil; taking a word card through an obstacle while al the time keeping their hands linked. 

The final activity, which took place in the Natureland area, was to investigate whether the soil was permeable or impermeable. Using an assortment of maths equipment the children worked in small groups to investigate, observe, and record data. This then led to a whole class discussion concluding the results of their experiment and that the soil was in fact sandy and permeable.