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         ARRIVING AT ' THE DEEP'           


After the excitement of passing the airport and crossing the Humber Bridge, the teachers were able to answer the burning question with certainty... " Are we nearly there yet?"


We all jumped off the coaches, grabbed our' lovingly packed by Mum' lunches, found our designated adults and ventured in to the world of 'under the sea'. Some children hoping to see whales and dolphins whilst some were content with just 'finding Nemo'.







We were very excited about finding out lots of information about animals that live in the sea and also about their different habitats. Some animals living in the polar regions where as others live in warm waters of the coral reef. We saw creatures ranging from posionious frogs, blue lobsters and shrimps to the larger animals like stingrays, swordfish and nurse sharks. 


Take a look at our photos, which creatures can you spot? 


Exploring ' The Deep '


In just one day.....we travelled through time, we visited the bottom of the ocean, walked through the Amazon, skated the Polar ice cap and swam the coral reef. We came face to face with the most vibrant coloured fish and the grumpiest looking sharks. Tanks the size of houses filled with gallons of water kept us enthralled all day.


A magical underwater experience !!!

       Having fun learning !    

We were very lucky whilst at ' The Deep ' to share some time with Sarah and Ben. They talked to us about sea creatures and their habitats and the best place for them to live. We investigated molluscs, looked at lobsters and crabs and used non fiction books to find out where some sea life would like to live. We had lots of fun and learnt lots of facts.


" I now know that some crabs can swim and some can't. Those that can have paddles on their claws and legs. "  Lewis