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Prison Cells

This week's challenge involved plenty of addition and subtraction calculations to work out how the Prison Warden could ensure all his inmates were in their cells. 

The children had to create the prison cell using numbers 1-12 and rearrange the order to have a total of 25 down each side of the square. 

These are their attempts.

Do you think you could solve it? 

Area and Perimeter

This week's challenge involved finding the area and perimeter of different shapes, then use this information to find numerically equal shapes.

Have a look at our solutions. 

Ring a Ring of numbers

This week's challenge involved using logical thinking.  To correctly place numbers within a circle so that corresponding questions could be correctly answered from the placing of numbers within the circle. This involved trial and error placing. 

Have a look at the children's attempts to solve the problem. 

A tricky one this week to teach resilience and test different methods if one doesn't work. 

Kieron's Cats


This week the children were given the challenge of finding the individual weights of 3 cats from information showing the combined weight of the cats.

Some children chose to work out all the possible solutions of which 2 numbers equalled the combined weight then look for a patten in their answers. Others chose to test a trial and error method using cubes.

Check out our solutions!


Elizabeth's solution

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Kieron's Cats solutions

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