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Who do you think you are? Are you an extrovert or an introvert, a singleton, a twin or even a triplet?

Let's discover what makes you... you!


From your fingerprints and footprints, genes and DNA, everything is unique to you. So why do you look like Mum or Dad ... or even an Auntie or Uncle?


Explore the world of human indentity and how our unique features can be used to tell us apart from others or help solve a crime!


Write reports, narratives and poems all on the theme of identity. Do you like the same things as others or are your tastes uniquely yours?


This topic will explore what makes you unquie because there is only one you: you are one of a kind!


Trying to imagine what Dennis would have felt like in the book The Boy in the Dress.
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We have only been back a week and look at our amazing homework !
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Learning in the snow

Learning in the snow 1
Learning in the snow 2
Learning in the snow 3
Learning in the snow 4

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