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Using ICT to support our learning is a key part of daily life at Spilsby. Our pupils have access to both Apple and Windows and are becoming increasingly more skilled at choosing the correct I.T tool for the job.

Children use a whole range of educational Apps on their individual ipads and we are looking forward to developing our programming skills with the introduction of a new suite of Windows laptops.

Y1 using the iPads to create and debug programmes with Bee Bot!

Using 'Scratch' programming to help debug a path. Can the Alchemist find his way to the gem?

Children in Y4 were using the Lego WeDo software to enhance their computing skills through fun and excitement. By using Lego the children were able to: Get started with basic programming, Make cross-curricular links with science, Learn to investigate, build and design Improve their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Children using our brand new laptops.

Children using our brand new laptops. 1