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Gardening club has recommenced to find that things have gone a bit wild over the Summer! The first task for our keen gardeners was to clear away all of the weeds and dig over the soil.
Armed with trowels, rakes and lots of enthusiasm we set to work and soon removed all the weeds...and snails!!!! The ground is now ready for planting in the spring.

A selection of the produce grown this year.

A selection of the produce grown this year. 1
This is a small selection of the vegetables grown in the garden this year. We were very pleased with the harvest collected which included potatoes and onions. The children have worked very hard and have been very enthusiastic. The Gardening club will start again in the spring and we are looking forward to another bumper year.

Our beautiful summer garden

Children were shown how to make a pot sink look like a stone trough. They mixed one part of sand and cement with two parts of compost, added a tub of yoghurt ( to attract lichens and mosses) and added sufficient water for a stiff mix. They spread it on the sides and top of the sink wearing gloves. Weather permitting, we hope to make an alpine garden next week.


News:- Mrs Hough was terrified by the sight of a three legged toad! Children from Y6 observed and handled it, then washed their hands afterwards.

We also saw a large frog which made his way to the pond. This one had all four legs! 


The children are competing for a prize at the end of term by writing a story about The Jubilee Garden and they have different topics to choose from. Mr Booth will select the winner of the best piece of writing.


Other jobs next week, sorry children lots of WEEDING, it is that time of year!

The Blue tit chicks were still in the bird box last Tuesday and were tweeting away. The children did lots of weeding of the vegetable plot, a very laborious task. They planted  sunflower seeds for a competition  for Tesco we will see how tall they grow!  We also taught  them how to take and prepare  stem cuttings from a Bay tree, which they all did in turn.

Last week at gardening club....

Last week at gardening club.... 1 Watering the courgettes and kale seeds
Last week at gardening club.... 2 Mr Lenton fixing the insect boxes to posts
Last week at gardening club.... 3 Showing Mr Lenton how it's done!

The gardeners have been busy and are now reaping the rewards from their hard work, as the photographs show below. The garden is now looking beautiful in flower and the first lettuce from the veg patch was dug up presented to Mr Booth, who took it home for his tea.

The tadpoles now have tiny legs and have been released into the pond, much to the delight of the children!

The weeds are growing thick and fast too, which is an on going task!


Next week they will be planting the strawberries, kale seeds and courgettes in grow bags. The children have had the theory about taking cuttings and Mrs Lenton will let them have a go at stem and heel cuttings.  Mr Lenton will be fixing the insect boxes to posts and staining the Jubilee garden sign again.

Picture 1 The first lettuce of the year!
Picture 2 Tiny tadpoles with legs.
Picture 3 The tadpoles moving into their new home.
Picture 4 The hard working gardeners!
Picture 5 The garden in bloom.
Picture 6
Picture 7

An update on what the gardeners have been up to at gardening club.


The children, Miss Andrews and Mrs Lenton have been hard at work in the garden.

They have now planted potatoes, runner beans and lettuce. They have sown radish, beetroot, broad beans, lettuce, sage, coriander, basil and sweet peppers. Next week they will sow courgettes, carrots, peas and flower seeds for the wildlife area.

We have frogs and a couple of newts in the pond in The Jubilee Garden and lots of perennial flowers  to follow on from the spring  daffodil display.


The gardening club is due to start after the Easter holidays and will run on Tuesdays from 3.00-4.00pm for years 4 and 5.

The chief gardeners are Mrs Lenton and Miss Andrews.


The school garden in springtime, ready for work to start.

The school garden in springtime, ready for work to start. 1
The school garden in springtime, ready for work to start. 2
The school garden in springtime, ready for work to start. 3