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Foundation Stage


Read Write Inc in Foundation Stage


Set 1 Sounds


Children in Reception begin to build their phonic knowledge with Set 1 sounds. These are the sounds made by the single letters of the alphabet, as well as some very common two letter sounds (digraphs). In Reception, children first meet Fred. Fred can only speak in pure sounds, for example, Fred cannot say cat, he would say c-a-t. The children enjoy helping Fred by blending the sounds together to work out which word he is saying.


Children learn to ‘segment’ words in order to spell them by listening carefully to the word, and recognising which sounds it contains. They show the sounds on their fingers, sounding them out before spelling.


Set 2 sounds


When children are confident with Set 1 sounds, they begin to learn Set 2 sounds. These are 12 'vowel sound' digraphs: ay, ee, igh, ow, oo (as in zoo), oo (as in took), or, ar, ir, air, ou, oy.


Ditty Books


Children first begin using the phonic skills to read in Read Write Inc with the Red Ditty Books. These contain fun short stories which build the children’s confidence.