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Football Fever

I can't think why we would choose to do about football in the summer term but there we have it.  Football is what it is all about.  Could the World Cup have something to do with it?


Over half term the children made some super pictures or models of the Brazilian team.  We had to be Brazil and Year 3 were England.  There are not so many of us in year 4 and we thought that giving England more players might even up the match a bit!


The display pitch is ready for the players to be placed in position.  Mrs Howsam is busy putting up the display although she admits to not knowing much about football.  Dylan was on hand to draw a diagram of the lines on the pitch so Mrs Howsam would get it right!


We started off our topic by playing a football match against each other.  Don't tell Mr Booth but we did this in English!  But it was to film so we could write our football commentary poems.  Here is Josh's example:


The Fab Match 


Good morning and welcome

To this international between

England and Peru.

All players are eager to start.

The ref blows her whistle

And we're off!

Warner to Herd

Herd dribbles and... What?

Pitfield tackles!  What?

Pitfield shoots and ... misses.

On the crossbar.

Herd around the ref.

What?  A throw in? Really!

England's throw in.

Pitfield chucks and Peru tackles.

Oh!  So close!

So close and ... Herd scores 0-1 for Peru.

Now Pitfield

Great boot to his team mate!

And shoots and...

Oh!  A save! Unbelieveable.

Now running up the field.


What did we just see?

What did we just see?

A tackle by Warner and..

Goal by Warner for England


With 2 min,  who'll win?

Herd has the ball and passes to Benton

Benton passes to Herd and... SCORES

1-2 to Peru.

Now Pit... What?

End of match!

Winners are... Peru!

That's the end of the international.



by Josh Benton