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Flag Fen Trip

Flag Fen trip

This term's topic Tribal tales has got off to a fantastic start. The children visited the Bronze and Iron Age centre 'Flag Fen' in Peterborough.

The activities began with a pre-history talk, helping the children understand the order of the different periods (RIBS- ask a pupil!!) and what tools and progress humans had made up until the Roman invasion. The children participated in a timeline looking at artefacts from each period.

The following activity was to make a clay pot as found in the Bronze Age. Using different natural objects; a feather, shells, rope and dried foliage the children made and decorated their pots.

The following activity was to look at different artefacts and arrange them into the 'Age' they thought the objects first came into use. Luckily their previous Roman topic helped them find the red herring object amongst the pile.

The children also took a tour of the site and saw artefacts dug up by archaeologists on the very exact site.

The final session was a traditional story inside a round house with a real fire to enhance the atmosphere.  


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Visiting the Round House

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Making a wish

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