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Song writing master class


Year 3 and 4 were very lucky to have a second visit from Alex Rossiter, drummer and member of

'The Rogues'. Alex came in to show the children how he and his band members created song lyrics. A familiar song was used so the children could learn how to count the beats in each sentence, verse and chorus. Examples of song lyrics were shared and the children looked for examples of repetition, rhyme, alliteration, similes and metaphors. 

A theme was chosen, 'Caring for others'. The children created a group mind map to channel their ideas, building these words and phrases into a chorus following a set number of beats. Alex then repeatedly played the chorus on his guitar helping the children to practice singing their chorus in time to the music. 

Each group then had the opportunity to sing their chorus in front of their peers.

Watch out Simon Cowell, we have future hit song writers!!!!

Alex returns to deliver a song writing master class.

Sound Collector Walk


To inspire their creative minds year 3 explored the school environment to gather sounds to use in their own 'Sound collector' poem. 

They recorded any sounds they could hear on their iPads and added a sentence using onomatopoeia to use later when drafting their verses.