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Creating potion bottles

As part of the potions topic, the children have been designing their very own potion bottle. They thought about what shape and style it would have. Time was against the children and they had to complete the design in an hour, or the clay would start to dry and begin to be less malleable to use. Using sculpting skills they molded the clay into their previously drawn design. Some began slabbing the clay and others coiling to build up the shape. Plans to paint and finish off the potion bottles would have to wait a week for the clay to be completely set.Watch this page for an update of finished products. 








Painting the potion bottles

The clay had finally dried and the children were eager to paint their potion bottles and bring to life their creations. They used acrylic paint, which would stick to the clay better and and not permeate into the clay. Precision painting was needed to ensure no gaps were left. The final result displayed some fabulous creations.