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Beast Creator

A bug, a creepy-crawly, a beast! He'll tickle your skin then go in for a sting!


Arachnids, invertebrates, molluscs and myriapods, hiding in nooks and beneath darkened rocks....

Come search for these mini-beasts, and let's sort them out! How many legs? How many wings? Who does it eat and who eats it? Can you classify it? Can you draw it or make it?


Build a bug hotel or a wonderful wormery - then watch them wriggle and burrow, mixing earth as they go!


Discover where in the world you'll find the deadliest beasts - scorpions, ants and venomous spiders... perhaps the Vespa mandarinia japonica is the one you fear?


Why not become a 'Beast Creator'? Selectively breed a killer predator that saves the world from a super-strong aphid.


You'll be a hero!

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