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Autumn 1

Junior frogs

This week's challenge was an interactive one. Could they work out how to hop the frogs and toads across the lily pads and swap their sides, following the set rules.


Shifting Times Tables

This weeks challenge was to find patterns in numbers. The children used their times tables knowledge to work out the jumps between the numbers, then they had to see how many the numbers had been shifted by to solve the problem. they could then move up levels and find harder, higher values to work with. 

Domino sets

This week's challenge focused on the children looking for patterns.A set of jumbled up domino sets were given to each pair.

How could they check that their pack had a complete set of domino tiles? Was there a pattern on the tiles that would help?


How we worked it out

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Week 4

Cubes here and there. 

The week's challenge involved the children working systematically to build cube structures. The children had to follow a set of rules to place the cubes, then record their tower as a drawing in their book so no repetition could be used. 

Week 4 cubes here and there

Week 3

This week's challenge, entitled 'school fair necklaces', needed the children to use their knowledge of symmetry to create different patterned necklaces using only 2 colours.


Part 1

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Math challenge week 3

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Creating different symmetrical patterns using just 2 colours.

Part 3

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Week 2- 15 cards

Continuing the key skill- trial and error the children were given 15 cards numbered 1-15.

The criteria this week was to use the cards to total the number given. For example cards 1 and 2 had to total 15. Cards 2 and 3 to total 20 etc...

So which cards would they pick from their pack? Once the cards were used they couldn't reuse them. Following that the next 5 steps were to add a card that reached a different total and only use 7 out of the 15 given.

But what would happen if we had used the card we needed to total? 

A lot of resilience was needed to start agin, trialling different numbers that matched the total being asked for. 

Our solutions, trialling and sharing ideas.

Week 1 Beam game

The first math challenge of this year was called the beam game. The children were given a set of digits and they had to use these to make a 4 digit number which cited the criteria given. 

The children explain how they knew which digits to use. 

Our explanations

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