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Henri Rosseau ' Surprised'

Henri Rosseau  '  Surprised' 1

In Art we have been studying and appreciating Henri Rousseau's paintings. He was a French painter born in 1844. He was famous for painting jungle scenes. We looked at lots of his paintings and decided we liked this one best.

We then discussed what we could see in the painting and how the painting made us feel. We discussed our thoughts on the painting and are now very good at saying why we like something and why. 

We have now designed our own paintings based on Rousseau's work with plants and animals. However we need to learn the skills to be able to complete our pictures.


                                           Colour mixing


Henri Rousseau uses lots of shades of green for the plants and trees in his painting. We decided we needed to learn how to make different shades of green to help with our final painting masterpiece.