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Creating 3D town signs

The children have recently been looking at the 3D signs used within towns and villages as part of our Urban Pioneers topic. 

Using this information the children created their own digital signs using a PowerPoint presentation. 

Following on from this the children have now used their initial ideas to create their own 3D town sign for Spilsby.

This work, recorded in stages on the iPad, has been used to help write instructions as part of their English work. 


Light Graffiti

The children have continued their exploration of graffiti. This time investigating graffiti using different light sources.

After looking at various different images and discussing how the photos were created the children took their own glow-sticks into a darkened room and began to create their own. Images were created using a 16second timer on the digital camera which captured all the swirling and spiking actions created by the children and the glow-sticks. 

The children followed this by creating light art graffiti images using the art of glow app on their iPads. First of all setting the shape, colour and speed of movement on the screen. Then programming the app to repeat itself so that a screen shot could be taken to capture a favourite image. 



The children had a great time looking at different examples of graffiti. They explored different pictures and the colours used to create vibrant artwork.

The children then created their own masterpieces using chalk in the outside area.